The Boozy Barista is a coffee and cocktail enthusiast with adventurous tastes and a passion for experimentation.



Boozy Barista: Origins

On a sleepless night in the suburbs, lacking anything more productive to do, I decided to tune up my mixology skills. The objective wasn't just to kill time and burn out my surplus energy, but also to acquire the skills needed to someday become a bartender without receiving any formal education. With nearly a full bar at my disposal, I went to work and quickly discovered that the standard cocktails were not stimulating enough for me. I wanted to invent new flavor combinations and imitate familiar ones.

My first series of flavor experiments was directly inspired by the radioactive spider that morphed me into this midnight beverage inventor: coffee. I've carried a caffeine addiction since I was nine years old and have experienced the peaks and depths of this chemical intimately over the last fourteen years (cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug). It seemed only natural to fuse the two substances in a series of balanced and flavorful cocktails. I became so proud of my imitations of classic and seasonal espresso drinks that I wanted to showcase them, and any other beverage I created, to the world.